Help our Military

Our military members have been given a mandate to take a vaccine with no evidence of the long-term efficacy and proof of many potential long-term negative health effects. 

There is a large group of military service members, including Navy SEALS and fighter pilots, who are facing potentially unconstitutional and immoral orders to receive an experimental COVID-19 vaccination.

They are deeply concerned that these arbitrary mandates will have a significant impact on military readiness.  All they are asking for is at least 90-day extension to the extremely arbitrary deadlines.

Get Your instructions

We are asking you to join these brave men and women in uniform to ask Members of Congress to contact the DoD and seek other avenues to extend the arbitrary deadline before it becomes a military readiness issue.  

Take a stand for Life, Liberty and Freedom by joining us in this Course of Action!

Who We Are

Stand with Warriors is not an anti-vaccine organization, but we are dedicated to ensuring our military member’s legal and constitutional rights are not ignored by arbitrary deadlines and bureaucratic policies that ignore the importance of natural immunity, individual health concerns, or religious beliefs.

The men and women who have volunteered to serve in the United States military should not arbitrarily have their Constitutional rights violated, or their medical and religious concerns ignored, for the sake of arbitrary deadlines or bureaucratic policies that are not based in facts and science.