Emboldening military leaders to stand for Christ.

Advance the Kingdom of God through evangelism and legal advocacy.

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Your generous donation goes to advance Christ’s Kingdom and defend Christian service members through Evangelism and Advocacy.

Our team is comprised of former Navy SEALs and experienced Constitutional and military attorneys. We believe that Christ is Lord and the only solution to fix our military is the blood of Jesus Christ. 

Stand With Warriors aims to evangelize and train generations of military leaders, both officers and enlisted, to openly, unashamedly, and boldly proclaim His Lordship.

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Donate now


Operation Leaven exists to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ, the conquering King of Kings and the Lord of Lords, to military members and to facilitate fellowship among them to advance the kingdom of God and embolden the resolve of believers who bear the responsibility of the lesser magistrate office.

The military is at the heart of every American, especially the Special Forces. Our goal is to advance Christ’s Kingdom among service members, as lesser magistrates, through evangelism and discipleship. We believe Christ’s sheep will come when they hear His voice and His truths. We also aim to provide Christian service members with fellowship, instruction, and encouragement in the ways of the Lord.


Today’s military is awash in secular humanism that is contrary to the Gospel. Christians in the military face increasing pressure from the previously mandatory COVID vaccinations, to Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion programs, to rampant promotion of sodomy and transgenderism, to funding leave and temporary duty pay for abortions.

Stand With Warriors also exists to provide legal advocacy for Christian leaders facing adverse administrative actions for standing on God’s Word. We also seek to defend Christian leaders and embolden them to bring Christ’s dominion into the military ranks.


SWW has provided funds to pay for the legal expenses of Christians in the military who are facing persecution for their faith.

The goal is to connect service members with an experienced attorney and cover the costs of legal representation.

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