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Tucker Carlson Interview with Attorney Davis Younts

Vaccine mandates could end up having dangerous consequences. Attorney Davis Younts explains that the military needs more time to explore their options and rights when it comes to taking the mandatory COVID-19 vaccine.

The Push to Vaccinate U.S. Service Members

November mandatory deadline approaches with 100,000 service members not vaccinated. How is everything going to play out? Attorney Davis Younts discusses what service branches he represents, their reasoning for not getting the vaccine, and how he plans to defend these courageous men and women.

Davis Younts Interview on ABC 27

Local, Attorney Davis Younts, pushes back on the military vaccine mandate and stands with the warriors of our nation. Pres. Biden ordered all military personnel to be vaccinated in the next few months. That’s a direct order. The number of service members said they have to disobey, and they’ve recruited a mid state attorney to …

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