Female Air Force Diversity Officer lost job due to Religious Exemption submission

Lt. Col. Brandi King breaks her silence and exposes the unlawful and hostile tactics that the Air Force used to force the vaccine on her. She was told she would get a blanket denial on her Religious Exemption, and lose her job in the Air Force Chief of Staff’s new Diversity Program. This 19-year service member said she was also threatened with court-martial and dishonorable discharge if she was not granted the religious exemption, which was denied last month with a blanket letter. 

Lt. Col. Brandi King told Just the News that over a period of weeks her superiors badgered her about whether she would seek a religious exemption, urged her not to do so, and even suggested she’d lose her prestigious assignment in the Air Force Chief of Staff’s new diversity program if she followed through with an exemption request.

With meticulous documentation from beginning to end by Lt. Col. Brandi King, she has filed a discrimination lawsuit against the military’s COVID-19 inoculation requirement. The irony jumps out at you, as she was trying to increase “diversity” in the Air Force, yet is discriminated against due to her religion. An incredible, factual, and informative article that should awaken within everyone who reads it, the tyranny that is happening to our military members who serve our Country!

Get the whole story here: https://justthenews.com/nation/religion/air-force-reservist-diversity-dept-fired-requesting-religious-exemption-covid-19

Please consider giving LT. Col. Brandi King and Stand With Warriors as they continue to fight these legal battles

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